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Enhance your offerings, expand your network, and increase your earnings as part of our thriving global community of value-added resellers, technology partners and consulting partners.

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Joining Aware’s Partner Ecosystem offers a variety of benefits for your organization:

Leading Technology

Deliver powerful solutions based on leading technology proven and hardened over decades to meet your customers’ needs.

Technical Expertise

Enhance your knowledge with a comprehensive set of sales and technical trainings, including demo tools, to support your sales and marketing teams.

More Opportunities

Receive financial support for eligible marketing initiatives to fill your pipeline and increase your opportunities*

“Partnering with Aware helps us ensure our users’ utmost confidence in the legitimacy of their documents, virtually eliminating the possibility of document fraud while maintaining superior speed and convenience.”
Mustafa Bilbeisi
Co-Founder at Uqoud

Ways to Partner with Aware

Our partners range from global enterprises to startups and entrepreneurs. We’re proud to collaborate with partners all over the world to power the identity needs of today while preparing for the identity needs of tomorrow.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Integrate Aware technology to address global use cases in a manner that leverages their local, regional and specialized expertise.

Consulting Partners

Add our services and solutions into your larger ecosystem/infrastructure to bring biometrics to your users.

Technology Partners

Our offerings are integrated with strategic technology partners to address broader opportunities.

“It’s important for eKYC to make sure the person presenting a document is in fact the actual owner of that document. Knomi is the ideal counterpart to Anyline, making sure there’s a match between the person in front of you and their photo ID.”
Lukas Kinigadner
CEO & Founder of Anyline

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